Eric Perardi

Sports fanatic, entrepreneur, and real estate developer.

Get to Know Eric Perardi

Based in Austin, Texas, Eric Perardi is a real estate developer and former hockey player. His company, Perardi Development, is currently working on a first of its kind sports complex, The Crossover. The facility will be home to two full-size regulation NHL ice rinks and two full-size indoor and outdoor turf fields. It will also feature an arcade, sports training center, restaurants, event rooms and retail stores. 

When his real estate career brought Eric to Austin, the life-long hockey player was disappointed to find only one rink. What’s more, the rink was losing money and in danger of closing for good. His business partner and friend, Ryan, bought the rink and Eric invested in it, as well. Their partnership over the rink started a chain reaction leading up to the development of The Crossover. 

Sports have always been an instrumental part of Eric Perardi’s life. In a way, they play a pivotal role in his success. Working with a team, he learned that communication is at the center every win. Hockey also left him with what’s become his most basic principle: hard work, positive thinking, and good energy results in success. To Eric, this was a lesson he learned the hard way. 

At seven years old, Eric received a mail flyer advertising a hockey class. He ran to his mom and begged to play, but she said no—you’ll lose all your teeth! Fortunately for him, his father was much more favorable of the idea. At the class, Eric struggled with skating. Tripping over his feet, falling hard on the ice, his skills left a lot to be desired. But with every fall and every bruise, Eric Perardi’s love for the sport only grew. He practiced every day but to no avail. He was still struggling with the movements. 

At a hockey camp, a coach made the observation that Eric’s secondhand gear was too big for him. After being equipped with gear that fit, he learned that his hard work had paid off. It turned out that the ill-fitting skates were the cause of all his skating troubles. Eric went on to earn the title of ‘Most Improved Player’ at the end of camp. Two years later, he would receive ‘Best Player,’ a title that reinstilled his belief in hard work. 

He would eventually land a scholarship to play Division I Hockey at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York—an opportunity American players seldom received in the sport. He went on to play in four championships and was a part of the 1995 ECAC Championship Team. That win was special to Eric. In 1980, at nine years old, he turned to his father and pronounced he wanted to play Division I hockey while watching the Olympic hockey team play. Fifteen years later, Eric won the championship right where they had previously stood. 

Eric Perardi and the Perardi Development team are excited about The Crossover sports complex because it allows them to be a part of more incredible stories like his own. For more information on Eric and his love of all things sports-related, be sure to visit his blog.