Many teenagers enjoy sports. Even if your child has never played one before, getting them to try can help out in different ways. Sports can be very impactful for teenagers and can help them throughout their lives. Here are a few reasons why you may want to talk to your teen about trying out a new sport.


Most sports require teamwork and collaboration with others. Whether or not people like it, jobs require people to work with others towards a specific goal. Sports allow your child to learn how to work with others through a shared goal.

By working with other people, your child learns how to help others, receive help, and to interact with people. These skills will help your child later on in life during college years and when they enter the workforce. 

Staying Healthy

Numerous physical benefits come from playing sports. With all the different movements like running, throwing, or jumping, your child will get physical exercise and stay in shape. This physical activity encourages a healthy lifestyle for your child while helping to avoid unnecessary health problems later on through bad habits.

Improve Self-Esteem

Performance on a sports team is a great motivator for improving self-esteem. When your child performs well in sports, they will often feel a sense of accomplishment and a huge boost in their overall character. A team sport can give your child that extra push to feel good about themselves and confident about their performance. They know that the team succeeds with their help, so this encourages them to practice and further develop their skills. That boost in confidence will help them recognize their worth as a team member. While many teens struggle with self-esteem, joining a sport can help them have a different perspective.

Many parents see sports as a physical outlet for teenagers, but it can help in other ways. As your child gets into sports and continues to play them, you can see these benefits occur. Continue to encourage your child to play sports and use them as a way to stay healthy, interact with others and improve self-worth.